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    (First Mother of the Stuart Line – U.K., Scotland & Wales Royal Families)Marjorie Bruce or Marjorie de Brus (1296 – 2 March 1316) the eldest Daughter of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots by his first love and Wife, Isabella of Mar, and the Founder of the Stewart Dynasty. Our Grandmother & SAINT Marjorie’s marriage […]

  • Robert the Bruce King of Scotland

    (King and Liberator of Wales)Robert the Bruce, named Robert VIII de Bruce, was born July 11, 1274 in Cardross, Scotland. He became King of Scotland (1306–29), and freed Scotland from English rule, winning the decisive Battle and ultimately confirming Scottish Independence. The Bruce Family Line had come to Scotland in the early 12th century and […]

  • Catalyntje Jeronimus Trico

    (Early founder of New York, gave birth to the first European baby in the colony)Catalyntje Jeronimus Trico was born in about 1605 in Prisches, Nord, France. She was among the very firstsettlers in the Dutch colony in America and credited as being the first white woman to give birth in thecolony. As well as becoming […]

  • Joris Janssen Rapalje

    (Early settler of New York / Manhattan)Joris Rapelje and Catalina Trico were married 21 January 1624, at theWalloon Church of Amsterdam. Rapelje, an illiterate 19-year-old textile workerwhose origin was noted in the registry as ‘Valencenne’ (Valenciennes, Spanish Netherlands), and his 18-year-bride, had no family present to witness theceremony. Four days later, on 25 January, the […]

  • Perry Fitzgerald

    (Early member of the church, scout with the first pioneer group to enter the Salt Lake valley,first settler of Draper, UT)Born on December 22, 1815, in Redstone, Pennsylvania. When Perry was a young boy, John, moved his family to Ohio,which at that time was a dense forest. As a child, Perry was trained by his […]

  • John Parry

    GRANDFATHER, JOHN PARRY, well-known for being an Early Welsh Convert, Founder and Director of The Tabernacle Choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of LATTER-DAY SAINTS (LDS.ORG). John Parry was born in the Village of Newmarket, North Wales in 1789. He was gifted as a Poet and Musicianand was given the chance to perform for […]

  • John Williams & Mary Parry

    (Early Welsh Convert of Dan Jones, settler of Millcreek, UT)John Wlliams was born in St. Aspeth, North Wales and married Mary Parry. He was a coachmaker by trade. Mary joined the church in 1848 after listening tomissionaries in the area lead by Elder Dan Jones about two years after her parents and brothers. John didn’t […]

  • Sarah Ann Williams (Fitzgerald)

    Sarah Ann Williams Fitzgerald was born in Flintshire, North Wales in 1840, the daughter of John and Mary Parry Williams, whojoined the church with her. In emigrating to America aboard the S. Curling, she was sick with fever the entire voyage, but throughfaith and prayer passed the inspectors and came joyfully on to Council Bluffs, […]

  • John Fitzgerald

    (Drove an ox team at age 7 across the plains, guarded Saints from Johnston’s army, Justice of the Peace)John Fitzgerald, the oldest son of Perry Fitzgerald one of the original Utah pioneers who entered the valley in July 1847, was bornin Dansville, Vermillion County, Illinois, March 25, 1840. His father left him and his mother […]

  • Lucy Gillett Maycock

    (Part of first ‘church train’ pioneer group, early settler of Bountiful, UT)Lucy was born in 1804 in Ash Hern, Warwick England. She married Joseph Haycock in 1822 and they had 8 children.She was baptized into the Mormon church in 1852. Her husband died in 1859 and she later had him posthumouslybaptized in 1870 in the […]