ETERNAL FATHER OF THE SAINT, TYLER “SMITH” ROMERO NINER. TYLER ROMERO NINER, born Tyler Smith Romero to Maternal Mother, Krista Kirton and Junior ROMERO on January 9th, 1996 in Glendale, ARIZONA while in the presence of SENIOR and TYLER’S MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER MARIE GARRETT. MARIE GARRETT, MATERNAL MOTHER TO THE MATERNAL MOTHER OF TYLER. K. KIRTON NINER also known as the ARTIST SHIMMER aka Krista Romero by the hands of UT.gov her King Daddy and Bishop W. at the Murray Courthouse, June 4th, 1997 by January 1998 K found herself sitting on another Courthouse step under duress. Krista and Hector Smith Romero, Jr. went their separate ways and K. ROMERO became a SOLE-PARENT before the age of 21.