David Raymond Garrett

David who went by Raymond or ‘Ray’ was born in 1914 in Centerville, Utah to David Arthur Garrett and Daisy Elisabeth Kirkham and
was raised in a strong family with kind and loving parents. He worked hard on his parents land up in Bountiful and helped to harvest
and haul vegetables down to Salt Lake to sell at the farmer’s markets. He also worked at the R.M. Bonnie Nut company and was
able to purchase some land. He also worked as an accountant for the Gallagher Machine Company. He met Vera and they married
in 1940 in the Salt Lake Temple. A year later Pearl Harbor was bombed and he was called into duty. He was sent to North Carolina
but was honorably released when he collapsed on a hike. He was able to return to his family in time for the birth of his first daughter.
He was an artist and a poet and took a class in music theory. He wrote many of his own piano songs and was working on having
some of them published. He loved the church and he held the office of a Seventy and also served as a ward clerk multiple times.
He also served as a temple worker and he loved to get up the canyons hiking and fishing. He had rheumatic fever when he was
growing up and had continuing health problems because of that, and his service during the war damaged his health even further.
He passed away in March 1947 at age 32 from a heart ailment when Marie was only 1-year old so his children didn’t know him well.






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