Albert Edward Woolley Chisholm

(Musician and band leader)
Albert was born in London, England in 1880 and came to America when he was
7 years old. He was almost washed overboard during a storm. He settled in Salt
Lake and worked in a cafe, later becoming a cook and started a cafe of his own.
He married Lovina Fitzgerald in 1930. While they were courting he would walk or
ride a bike from Salt Lake to Draper to see her. He was always interested in music.
He was the director of the Salt Lake Post Office Band and later started his own
band and they played for the dances at Salt Aire. He remembered how many
spiders were on the ceilings and often fell off and down ladies’ necks. He learned
to make violins and many are still being used. He repaired instruments of students
at Granite High School right up until his death. He could play any instrument.
He died in may 1980 just one month short of his 100th birthday.

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