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another great destination for modern Artists of the Americas, here in the Northern Valley of the Sun. To U.S. Carefree PHOENICIAN CREEKERS® of the HOOD that go to THE CREEK… WELCOME TO THE CREEKERHOOD PEEPS.

Works and Work Days

July 1 — June 30

Theatre of

January 1 — December 31

The Life One Deserves

July 1 — June 30

From One to Another

January 1 — December 31

“Creekers®, as the Prophet Joseph Smith established, are not reverent. They do not remember the Creeker®.”

With 13 Articles of Faith, Young Women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints know to walk by Faith of their Fathers always. The White Christmas Album of Bing Crosby’s with a hymn many know from Sacrament Meeting on Sunday at the local CREEKERhood Wardhouse, off Skyline & Basin Road on the West Side of Town. Next to the Museum and across the way from Carl… according to Carl another great Customer at Circle K across from The Chip ON RECORD.

Krysta is of the TEAM@ theunitedstatesofamerica.site since way before she has been gone from the TEAM at Circle K across from THE CHIP. K is the ONE SAINT standing in these parts of Cyberspace AND REALITY also known as the CREEKERhood is not only ONE WELL-KNOWN talented CODE Writer, she is the YOUNG LADY of ONE Driver once at CR ENGLAND, John William Kirton, SR, KOREAN WAR US Veteran #11SAINT NOT as the form made HER choose. NUMBER ONE reason for being at twitter.com/ninenation TO STAND 🙂 since ALWAYS.

#JUSTSAYKNOW KNOWING that twitter is not private and as public as the white pages in the 1980’s AND internet searchable is a PERK to this GEEK.

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Artists get access to us@ W3Connect.com and our data. Our friendships cost nothing but our billable time is $280 per hour without Consultant Agreement and is due at time of Service.DOESTHISHELP.com puter science and technology in action