Hello CREEKER® Watch Your Step

Hello CREEKER® Watch Your Step


another great destination for modern Artists of the Americas, here in the Northern Valley of the Sun. To U.S. Carefree PHOENICIAN CREEKERS® of the HOOD that go to THE CREEK… WELCOME TO THE CREEKERHOOD PEEPS.

First time to Town? STOP ON OVER@ THE ROADHOUSE and PICK UP YOUR CREEKER® CREATIONS & BOUTIQUE local items of the Season before your perfect size is on that other perfect one.

BE SURE TO tell Sue’s Lady Friends in Fashion who sent ya.


Works and Work Days

July 1 — June 30

Theatre of

January 1 — December 31

The Life One Deserves

July 1 — June 30

From One to Another

January 1 — December 31

“Creekers®, as the Prophet Joseph Smith established, are not reverent. They do not remember the Creeker®.”

With 13 Articles of Faith, Young Women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints know to walk by Faith of their Fathers always. The White Christmas Album of Bing Crosby’s with a hymn many know from Sacrament Meeting on Sunday at the local CREEKERhood Wardhouse, off Skyline & Basin Road on the West Side of Town. Next to the Museum and across the way from Carl… according to Carl another great Customer at Circle K across from The Chip ON RECORD.

Krysta is of the TEAM@ theunitedstatesofamerica.site since way before she has been gone from the TEAM at Circle K across from THE CHIP. K is the ONE SAINT standing in these parts of Cyberspace AND REALITY also known as the CREEKERhood is not only ONE WELL-KNOWN talented CODE Writer, she is the YOUNG LADY of ONE Driver once at CR ENGLAND, John William Kirton, SR, KOREAN WAR US Veteran #11SAINT NOT as the form made HER choose. NUMBER ONE reason for being at twitter.com/ninenation TO STAND 🙂 since ALWAYS.

#JUSTSAYKNOW KNOWING that twitter is not private and as public as the white pages in the 1980’s AND internet searchable is a PERK to this GEEK.

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Artists get access to us@ W3Connect.com and our data. Our friendships cost nothing but our billable time is $280 per hour without Consultant Agreement and is due at time of Service.DOESTHISHELP.com puter science and technology in action